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New Year Ride with some New Members

17th January, 2022

OK, I see on Strava that other brave souls have been out and about, but for a rain-dodger like me it was the breakthrough event of 2022. It was also the breaking-in of the new Club “neck-warmer” which I received as a Christmas present. Just to be clear, it can be used in many similar ways to that trademarked item known as a B#ff. Technically it was being used as a head-warmer on this particular occasion.

That’s it for fashion news except to say that new member Matthew was attracted to our club as he thought the Club Kit was so stylish. Kudos to Mel and Jamie!

So Barry, Maria, Karen and Matthew followed me through town to the Greenway and up to Highertown where we met Wendy near the Tennis Club. Through the ford and up to Mount Prickle we passed time discussing which way North was: then branching off to Besore for a breather. The horse-riders were out in force as we rode on to Twelveheads. Should we start the New Year with an assault of the climb to Creegbrawse? No, don’t be silly- we took pity on our legs by going the long way around via Rising Sun Farm.

From there we passed Cox Hill on our way to Wheal Busy. The skies cleared sufficiently to look across to St Agnes Beacon but we descended toward Blackwater. Thence up again to turn to Two Burrows and the Mithian Downs Road. Turning for Silverwell we crossed our second ford and reached Chybucca junction which is undergoing major reconstruction.

By now everybody was ready for some refreshment so we turned at Allet and headed for Idless and the Cows and Sows café. Suitably rewarded we followed NCN 32 back into town and home for warm showers. 22 miles at 8 mph. It doesn’t get much more leisurely than that!


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